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Potty Training – the beginnings!

October 11, 2013
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Stuck inside for a few days while potty training doesn’t seem so bad as its raining outside anyway. So how is it going? Day one we started after her nursery and nap – so not until about 3:30 and of course we had a few accidents so no stars on the star-chart. to be honest having never done this before I think i needed time to work out what works and what doesn’t – and Bella was just mortified about wetting herself. Luckily she had already done a number 2 at nursery while in nappies. So Day 2 I chickened out of putting her straight into knickers and let her wear nappy over breakfast, changing her straight afterwards. While this was the least messy option, it probably wasn’t the best thing to do as it meant she’s already had her main morning wee and then held in anything else until at least 11 o clock. We had a  few accidents but did manage to get 3 stars which is great. I love the star chart as even when it feels like lots of accidents you can celebrate the successes at the end of the day . No poo at all. I do really think she’s holding it in.
Day 3 and we had our first poo – IN THE POTTY! Yay!   Two stars for that alone. So far half way through the day we have 4 stars and a couple of accidents. Way to go Bella!

I’ll be truthful and after the first day I really wanted to give up. Bella seems mortified when she pees (or poops) and asks for cuddles while she’s on the potty (from monkey and me)… however, my logic tells me that its normal for her to feel like this and so we carry on for a few more days.

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