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Everyone can dance…

April 17, 2016
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when you find music that you love.

Spring (Fruhling) is here, the gardens are awakening and the animals in the forest are dancing to a new beat. Life here is still good for us.


Snow season is over and we have packed away the skis and sledges. We love winter here, building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and making our snow angels but this year B started her skiing lessons too. Physically she is growing up so fast, already riding her bike to the animal hide and back (6km ) and now swimming too – she got her Frog badge a couple of months ago. She started the local gymnastics class last week and in September we might even look at Ballet classes. In a few weeks it’s Maimusi, a local festival celebrating May Day and Bella’s Trachtenverein ( Traditional Club) Dance troop will perform again. I’m really very proud of her.

Meanwhile my German is still progressing. I am still not working here yet but making use of my time to learn German (if only to keep up with Bella’s) and to be honest we’ve had a lot of visitors recently, all of which have enjoyed their visit here very much. I feel so lucky to have the mountains so close by. Steve and I bought our first Lederhosen and Dirndl last week – so well and truly embracing Bavarian life. I am looking forward to what Spring and Summer may bring as we grow together in our new life here. – Already it’s been 18months, and I can remember how tough it was to start with but so far worth every bit of effort.

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