A New Journey


A New Journey

July 3, 2013
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After giving birth to Isabella I vowed for about 2 weeks that i would never put myself through that again – not that the birth was particularly difficult as I had a water birth – more that just giving birth IS painful! Also, I was in labour for a total of 72 hours but to be honest that’s more manageable.

Anyway – here I am again having had transfer again and all hopes pinned on the one embryo to give Isabella a little brother or sister. Strangely Izzy has become really clingy lately as if she knows what’s happening and I have read that they do sense these things. Well we have still 10 days to wait to see the verdict, though chances are much lower this time as there are a few other not-so-perfect factors.

I felt nauseas this morning but luckily had Izzy bossing me around to get me moving!

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