Our German daughter

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Our German daughter

March 13, 2018
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We’ve been living in Germany for 3 three and a half years now. I was expecting by this point I would be fluent in German, but alas this is not the case. I can get by. Mostly I work every day in English so it doesn’t help my German. Admittedly I learn mostly new words from my experiences with my daughter’s world.

Yes, it’s her world. German is now I guess her first language and she is very happy now in the local German Grundschule (Primary School) . She is doing well at school and much happier than at Kindergarten I would say but that possibly could be that it’s taken so long to settle fully and feel integrated for her.  She is learning to read well, doing well in mathematics and seems to have no problems despite starting school a year early in Bavaria life. She is a member of the School Choir also. Outside of school, she continues with Ballet, Piano, Swimming, Rainbows, Athletics, Science Experiment class and Trachtenverein (Bavarian dancing). Winter is coming to an end and she is now ski-ing Red runs with no problem (most likely faster than us already), and cycling long distances with her new bike. We even ice skated together this year now my knee is better (but we both need more practise). Life here is definitely good.  I still continue to be amazed by all the opportunities we have here to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and do fu activities. Someone once asked me what Centre Parcs was like and quite honestly, its like living in a Centre Parcs here in Munich but with the added winter sports.  Like.

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